Every Savvy Sellers staging or redesign project begins with an on-site consultation with the client to evaluate the property and determine what should be done to get the home into market-ready condition.

Because each home – and each staging or redesign project – is unique with regard to the size of the home and scope of work, prices naturally vary from job to job.

While some homes may call for extensive changes, and others very few, our services are always tailored to meet the specific needs, goals and budget of each individual client. Whether your project is large or small, we will utilize all of our talent and resources to present your home in its most favorable light.

Initial Consultation

Includes client interview, evaluation of the property, and recommendations for getting the home into market-ready condition. Scope of work will be determined, and consultant will photograph and measure areas to be staged.

Occupied Staging

Involves staging a home where the existing owners will continue to reside during the list period. Consultant will utilize as many of the client’s existing furnishings as possible, while paring down and rearranging items to show the home in its most favorable light. Care is taken to strike a balance between maintaining comfort and "livability" for the existing homeowners, while creating an attractive presentation that will appeal to the largest pool of potential buyers.

Vacant Staging

Involves transforming an uninviting vacant property into a warm and welcoming home that will appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. By bringing in carefully selected pieces of rented furniture, area rugs, lighting, linens, artwork and decorative accessories, the consultant creates a serene and comfortable ambience evocative of the lifestyle that buyers crave.

"Stay-Put" Redesign

For the client who feels that their home is "stuck in a rut" or otherwise outdated, we offer a full complement of redesign services that will rejuvenate a home’s interior and have them asking, "Why didn’t I do this sooner?" Consultant will work with the client to determine how and where to make changes that will give them the "biggest bang for their buck". These may include simply rearranging furniture, repositioning artwork, and removing superfluous furnishings. Or maybe it’s time to repaint and redecorate with new furniture, lighting, artwork, bed and bath linens. Whatever the need, our redesign consultant is available to help.